7 Engagement Strategies

In the Learner Engagement Blueprint, you will learn 7 strategies to get your adult learners engaged, keep them engaged throughout the learning experience, and reduce cognitive overload, which can get in the way of learning. 

These Strategies Apply to Instructor-Led, Virtual Instructor-Led, & eLearning!

By the time you finish the Learner Engagement Blueprint, you will have learned some solid instructional design engagement strategies to use in your instructional design process for live instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led, and eLearning learning experiences.  

Great Engagement Increases Learning Potential!

It is no longer enough to create talking head lecture-style learning experiences. We have to be strategic with adult learner engagement to peel learners away from distractions like email, direct messaging, social media, and their really long list of To Dos. 

Great Engagement is Required for Great Instructional Design!

Good instructional design is the foundation of any good learning experience and good instructional design requires intentional thought about how you will engage your learners. 

It takes a lot of work to create a great learning experience for learners. Don't waste your efforts by missing the many opportunities to intentionally engage learners.

Who Will Benefit From This Blueprint Course?

The Learner Engagement Blueprint is ideal for those just getting started in instructional design and course creation as well as those who would like to build more than talking-head learning experiences and presentations.

You have lifetime access to the course content.